Très chic Jane

This is a card made for a wife of one of the guys I work with. I love these bespoke cards. The brief was a red dress and headdress with a deep purple checker and gloves.


I stamped it this lady who is an old one from Kanban and coloured her with my Chameleon pens (BR1, WG3, NU4, NU2, NU00, PR4, VO4, RD4, RD3). With red and purple as the theme I was looking for a backing paper and came across this handmade paper I’ve had for some time and the theme evolved. It felt opulent so I brought in some metallic rub-ons by Craf-T Products Inc. that I picked up in a little store in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada in 2009. I know because it was when I was out in Canada visiting family and my sister in law was heavily pregnant with my nephew and we met my brother in Huntsville to catch up and let the kids play. That was nearly 11 years ago in April.

With the red dress I mounted the paper onto a red card, but only a touch of this is showing around the edge of the card as an accent. The plaque behind the lady is plain black but edged with the rub-ons just like the wording.

I feel like the card is quite opulent and hope that Jane loves it as much as I enjoyed making it!


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