Pigs might fly

Hi there everyone. Are things harder when than they were pre Covid? Part of me thinks that I’m certainly picking up more ailments that are taking longer to get over? That’s just my observation today!

On to the DT challenge and the sponsor for trimmies CRAFT challenge #628 is Dr Digi House of Stamps. The theme this week is “Not a card”. Each week we invite you to join us at Trimmies Craft Challenge going with the theme.

Not a card kept me thinking for a while on this one. When we choose our images we sometimes have something in mind and other times we don’t. Sometimes we change what we decided upon, or we can’t think of what to do, or we simply forget!

For this one I had the image coloured, but was then ill with a sickness bug for about 4/5 days before the challenge was due. The night it was due I got the inspiration and it just came together. Ideally I could have done more, and I will one day, but right now I’m at least happy that I’ve completed the project!

So here’s a summary of the materials used to make the card:

  • Digital image from Dr Digi’s House of Stamps printed onto super smooth card
  • Backing paper from my stash created with distress resist spray and distress oxides
  • Colouring pencils
  • HB pencil
  • Paper stump (for blending)
  • Lace
  • High tack glue
  • Picture frame with mount

I printed the digital image onto some super smooth card and coloured the image. The image was coloured firstly with a HB pencil which I blended out. When you do this try and think about where the light is and where something is on top of something else that would also cast a shadow. On top of the pencil I started overlaying the lightest of the pinks, again thinking about the light source. On top of this I added the darker pink and then faded it out with the lighter pink. It’s all about building up the colour, so layer it up (I did this a little more to get the tones).

To finish off I also grabbed a background out of my stash, which I’d made in the past, and along with some lace this gave me a sky and clouds.

I actually love what I’ve made and can’t wait until I get a bit of time to go back in and add to it at some point. Thank you for stopping by, please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Debbie x


Stamp Addicts – Sherry West Art and JudiKins – Hochanda

These are the samples I have being avidly making for the last few weeks for the Stamp Addicts tv show on Hochanda today featuring designs from Sherry West Art and JudiKins. Sadly with the postal service being a bit messed up they didn’t arrive at Stamp Addicts.

So here are my samples which I’ll be putting on Instagram account @d_e_crafts

Petunia Pig 1 (blue scarf)

Chameleon pens (BL4, BL2, BR1, NU3, WG3, NU1, NU2, NU0, GR1)

Petunia Pig 2 (green scarf)

Chameleon pens (GR1, GR2, YG3, NU4, NU3, BR1, BR2, WG3, NU2, NU0, BL4). I also die cut a green flourish with a Sarah Davies Crafters Companion die and used this on the base card.

Petunia Pig 3 (purple pig)

Chameleon pens (BL4, PK3, BL7, BV2) along with a Tim Holtz alterations die cut into the mat.

Petunia Pig 4 (red scarf)

Chameleon pens (BL4, WG3, NU3, RD2,NU00, NU0, PK3, RD4, NU2).

Frogs on a branch 1

Chameleon pens (NU00, NG4, WG3, NU0, BR1, OL3, GR2, GR4, YL2, YG3, GR1)

Frogs on a branch 2

Chameleon pens (BL4, BV2, BG1, NU00, YG3, GR1, BL2, BL3, GR2, VO2, PK3, NG4, NU2, NU4, BR2, BR1, WG3)

Frogs on a branch 3

I coloured this image with coloured pencils and used Distress Ink Shabby Shutters around the topper image and onto the background to make them tone in.

The Gin Bowl 1

I used pencil crayons to colour this image.

The Gin Bowl 2

Using Chameleon pens (NG4, NU00, OR3, OR4, NU2, BL2, BL3, GR1, YO2) plus a yellow pencil crayon. Along with a flower that I’d got made up in my stash.

The Gin Bowl 3

again this was coloured with pencil crayons.

The Gin Bowl 4 – tag

Coloured with pencil crayons, I applied water around the bowl and tore the bowl out so that there was a ragged edge. I added this to a tag I’d cut out which I’d stamped onto and the laid die cut leaves onto. I cut a hole, painted A sealing layer over the whole thing and threaded ribbon through the tag.

Owl be yours 1

Chameleon pens (YO2, YL2, BL4, BG1, WG3, WG7, CH5, NU00, NG4)

Owl be yours 2

Owl be yours 3

Chameleon pens (NG4, BL4, BL2, YO3, NU00, NU1, NU2, NU3, NU0, WG7, WG3, YO2) plus distress inks fossilised Amber, vintage photo, ground espresso.

Owl be yours 4

Chameleon pens (WG7, WG3, NG4, BL4, BR1, OR3, BR2, VO2, YO2, BU1, NU4). I also used the end of the branch to stamp onto the base card and create a background.

Breakfast 1

Owl be yours 5

Breakfast 2

Breakfast 3

Breakfast 4

Owl be yours 6

Owl be yours 7

Owl be yours 8

Owl be yours 9